FAQ's about FREE hotel Rooms from Travel Offers

Here are a number of questions that are regulary asked. If a question you have is not below, then please use the CONTACT FORM to get in touch with our friendly membership team and they will be only too happy to help you!

How can I stay in a Free Hotel Room?

Become a Travel Offers Member today! Membership entitles you to stay for free in many Hotels across the UK and Ireland paying only for your Dinner and Breakfast. We also offer Hotel rooms in cities across the UK and Ireland.

How does it work?

When you become a Travel Offers Member you will be given access to the member's only section of the website. Our website provides full colour details of all our Hotel offers including prices, locations and facilities. As a Travel Offers Member, you can stay at many of our hotels and only pay an agreed minimum price for Dinner and Breakfast. Membership and Hotel stays are generally based on two people sharing and you can book as often as you like throughout your Membership period.

How Easy is it to sign up and take advantage of the Free Hotel Rooms?

There are 3 simple steps to being able to stay for free across the UK. CLICK HERE To see just how easy it is.

What are the Free Hotels like?

Almost all our Free Hotels are privately owned or part of small Hotel groups. Hotels include fine country houses, manor houses and rural retreats. Most are managed by their owners and as such you will enjoy traditional and attentive personal service. If you are looking for the "corporate box" style of Hotel then Free Hotel Rooms Membership is probably not for you. If on the other hand you enjoy individual Hotels, in beautiful locations throughout the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, this is for you.

Where are the Hotels?

We currently have over 100 Hotels across the UK and Ireland. We are planning to extend the range of hotels ahead of relaunch in September 2018. CLICK HERE for more details.

How much do I have to pay for Dinner and Breakfast?

As a Travel Offers Member, when you stay in a hotel on our MFS rate, you pay only for your Dinner, Breakfast, and drinks. We print details of how much you will pay for your food in our listings so you know upfront, before you travel, how much you are paying.

Prices for Dinner and Breakfast are added together and are printed as an amount per person. You can pay as little as £21 per person per night up to £60 per person per night, dependant on the Hotel you choose.

The majority of our Hotels are in the price range of £35 to £50 per person per night. All prices are based on the standard menus provided to us by the Hotels.

You know exactly how much you will be paying before you stay and you can enjoy a Membership that fits your personal budget and preferences.

What else do I have to pay?

Your only commitment in booking a free Hotel stay is to pay the cost of the Dinner and Breakfast at the agreed published rate. You will pay nothing for your room.

This price is based on 2 adults sharing a standard room. Upgraded or superior rooms may be available at an additional cost. Bar bills and room service are not covered by the price of your Dinner and Breakfast and such extras will be charged upon your departure from the Hotel.

To stay at Hotels for free you must present your Privilege Hotel Pass at the Hotel. Without this you will be charged the full price.

Are there any restrictions?

Bank Holiday dates are generally excluded, quite simply because our Free Hotels have no need to give away free rooms at these times of the year. Some Hotels will have additional restrictions which are clearly published on the website - for example a minimum stay of 2 nights may apply to some Hotels. The majority of our Hotels have no restrictions.

Is Membership just for couples?

No, membership is based on two adults sharing either a double or a twin room. You are free to travel with whomsoever you wish, provided that you share a room and each pay the amount stated for Dinner and Breakfast. We have many Members who travel with other relatives and friends.

What about my children?

Membership is based on two adults sharing. Children may be accepted but this is at the discretion of the individual Hotel and should be checked at the time of booking. The Travel Offers Membership Team cannot be held responsible if children are not accepted. Hotels may accept children at their discretion and may charge a supplement.

I am a single traveller, can I be a Member?

To discuss how Membership could work for you as a single traveller and what we can do to help you stay at cheap Hotels, please contact us.

Travel Offers Membership is based on two people sharing, so generally speaking Membership does not work for single travellers. That said, we do know that some Hotels may accept single travellers at the agreed price for Dinner and Breakfast, or with a small supplement. This is at the Hotel's discretion.

I need Hotel rooms with disabled access / a Hotel that will accept pets / a Hotel that will cater for special diets. Is this possible?

The majority of our Free Hotels provide options such as disabled access, vegetarian and special diets and many Hotels allow pets to stay. On the website, Hotels with these features are clearly listed. You can discuss your requirements with the Hotels directly upon booking. Some supplements may apply for pets.

How do I make a booking?

You book your Hotel reservations directly with the Hotel. However, the Travel Offers Membership Team is available to assist you with any queries or difficulties. For more details click here.